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Tiny - Posted on 20 January 2019

Audrey Candy-Corn/POORMagazine
Today we celebrated de Los Muertos day this is our 2nd one maybe our third in fact but this one 
I'm Remembering and anxious too 
Last year I remember faintly and the year before I was virginly Exposed to the knowledge of this 
the day that I next year will acknowledge …
What once scared me I now am not afraid of … the calling of ANCESTORS ….. Praying other ‘’’ 
praying other ‘’’’’’ praying other …. I dare not BLASPHEIUM  AGAINST GOD THE ALL 
And Last night I and his baby brothers lit a purple candle for him … it was Ziair's idea he told me 
very calmly from the back seat mom we got to light a candle or Torian so he could find us ‘’’ amir 
perked up out his slumber Agreeing ….. Yeah mom 
 I am eager to light the candle we have 2 I thought of Aunty Tenika blue today is a really 
heavenly blessed day spiritually we collectively have and are elevating. 
There is warfare invisible … we have to help Torian help us ATTACK BACK and this day is the 
day of spiritual slaying … I didn't know. Now we know and I'm pleased not to be ignorant to the 
the fact of my Responsibility in my NEW ROLE … the kids got their OWN ROLES TOO … 
#LoveOlutionary’s Activate GAURD YourSelves with PROTECTIVE SHEILDS Aunty Queen 
Delaha medician is and I Quote created phrase “golpe Los con la salvia y un la bolsa, la carte de el cristal “  
No longer are we limited lead by the youngens Pursued by God Teamed up with the Angles in the Army of God Soar Torian Soar your light has been burning we said a prayer hooked up with Aunty blue and Amun-Ra ate cupcake celebrated eating pho SOUP honoring Our life Torian And Purpose …. We are the Angels on earth wrapped up in the physical form ...OUR BELOVED Torian is Free TO LEAD GODS ARMY he FOUND US AS SOON AS WE SUMENCED UM THREW THE LIGHT of digital devices he SHowed UP WE ALL SEEN um he Found US yaay


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