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mutsuko - Posted on 08 June 2010


Manufesto Change

The Manifesto For Change is a truly "green" model for housing, art, micro-business, spirituality, interdependence, self-accountability, care-giving and community that incorporates the teaching of our elders, ancestors and spiritual leaders in harmony with Mother Earth that ultimately can be launched in any city in the U.S. with a Revolutionary Giving Ally.

The Manifesto for Change was created in a 16 year process by a multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-generational, group of landless, indigenous elders, children, families and folks engaged in a life-long struggle with poverty, racism, incarceration, welfare systems,white supremacy, mis-education, landlessness, ableism, Non-Profit-Profiteering and violence.

The Manifesto for Change was introduced at the Revolutionary Change Session on June 19, 2009 as a template for global and local revolutionary change.

Homefulness Project


HOMEFULNESS- A Real Solution to Houselessness

Revolutionary Giving

Community Reparations & Revolutionary Giving

Moving Off the Lie of The Budget Cut into Community Reparations

Dclaration of Interdependence

The Declaration of Interdependence

A living breathing Community declaration of the people


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